Thursday, 17 December 2015

Into a Photographers mind

What runs through a photographers mind..

Disclaimer:- This is a light hearted article from a photographer who has seen different kind of clients and been through different situations over last 10-12 years. Read it for fun. P.S. I do not have anything against the IT guys.

Being a photographer is not easy, certainly this profession has picked up quite a lot over the last few years with the advent of better technology and easy access to equipment. One of the reason might be the increased spending power of masses. Some do it out of pure passion, just for fun. Others like us are not only passionate but make our living out of it. Some take professional training, others make YouTube their teacher. The final result? increased competition and people trying to make the most out of it - "CLIENTS".

One of the biggest challenges that most of us face in the initial stage is handling a client who wants freebies or is fussy about  the way the photograph turns out. You are barely in a state to reply back on their face but you surely do answer them in your head . Am putting down a few such instances for pure fun. Hope you enjoy reading them.

1. A jeweler.
Client : There are just ten necklaces you need to shoot. Come on! I will promote your work in my circle.
You : I am just asking for a 10 gm gold chain! I will ask all my friends and family members to buy their jewelry from you.

2. A high profile software developer.
Client : I will pay your team Rs. 35,000 for the pre wedding, sangeet and actual wedding shoot. Oh and don't forget the three minute wedding video.
You : I will pay your team Rs.35,000 for a HTML 5 website, site management system, server space, domain name, mobile app. Oh and don't forget to make the site responsive.

3. IT guy.
Client:  With that camera anyone can take good photographs.
You: With that Macbook pro anyone can code magically.

4. Wedding planner.
Client: I am a wedding planner, shoot this one for free after which we will discuss long term association.
You: My cousin is getting married next month. Plan this one for free , i have four more marriage age cousins.

5. A restaurant.
Client: I just need these five dishes photographed for now, if we like it we will shoot the entire lot which will be paid.
You: Let me just try that signature steak and burger for free. If I like it I will eat at your restaurant at least once a week. And yes, I will pay for it as well.

6. A Retail store.
Client: These are just perfume bottles, 25 of them, you don't need to do much, set the lights and click away. You can use our name and photos in your portfolio.
You: I will take only the bottles that I photograph. You don't have to do much. just give them to me .

7. A model.
Client: I look fat in this photograph..
You: Just in this one?

8. Model again.
Client: I don't like this background, change it Swiss alps or something, I don't know..
You: Swiss alps in a shorts, spaghetti top and slip ons?

9. Male model.
Client: Boss! make my six pack stand out ok?
You: Family pack to six pack? Wow!

10. Model.
Client: Can you take away that streak of hair from my face?
You: Why not! i will change your hairstyle to look like mine! ( I shave my head every alternate day :D)

If you have any more to add to these, feel free, keep commenting .
Keep shooting people. But never let anyone take advantage even if you are an amateur. Like every other profession this is one and be proud to be a part of it.


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