Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sans Color - Black and White

People ask me this question very often; when do we shoot black and white? There is a serious misconception which makes a certain group of photographers believe that any subject can be captured in black and white.
It is a process before you take a photograph. When you look at your subject you should be able to visualize the scene in black and white. Once you are able to see in your mind’s eye, compare between the colored and the black and white version. Judge whether the black and white does justice to the photograph.
Usually we shoot black and white when we have to accentuate the form and shape of a particular subject or when you don’t want other colorful elements in your photograph to divert the viewer’s attention from the main subject.
It’s a form of art, if you get it right then the black and white image will look much better than the colored version of same photograph.

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